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Ann Douglas Walton

Birth:1820 Marriage:1844 Death:

Parents John Walton and Elizabeth (surname unknown). Born 1820, in Thurlby Lincoln.

Married to James Parker (born 1815, Little Walsingham, England), in 1844. Their children were:

Sarah Ann Parker (b.1845)
Charles Parker (b.1847)
Eliza Parker (b.1851)
Jane Parker (b.1853)
George Parker (b.1855)
Walter Parker (b.1858)

In the 1851 Census, Ann and her family are in West Lynn, living in a Caravan. James Occupation is listed as Navvie.

Ann and the children appear on the 1861 census in Walsingham Union Workhouse. No sign of James, but she is not listed as a widow.

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John Walton

Birth:1790 Marriage: Death:

Married to Elizabeth (b.1782, Surname unknown).
Their children were:

Douglas Walton (b.1820)
Jane Walton (b.1818)
John Walton (b.1818)
Robert Walton (b.1826)

John and his family can be found here in the 1841 census, and the 1851 census. In 1861 John's wife Elizabeth is living with her son (John, a publican & farmer) and his family. She is listed as a widow on the census.

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