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Additional Notes & Sources

John Poole

Birth Details

Born c.1770, Highworth, Wiltshire, England.

Marriage - IGI

    Name: John Poole 
  Spouse: Mary Barret 	
Marriage: 02 JUL 1793, Highworth, Wiltshire, England

NOTE: Mary Barret (c.1768)

Death - BMD Index

Deaths -  Mar 1851   POOLE  John   Swindon &c  8  256

NOTE: The district Swindon &c is an alternative name for Highworth 
      and it is in the county of Wiltshire.

Children and Grandchildren  

Elizabeth Poole  

b. 22 Sept, 1794,  Highworth Wiltshire. 
Married James Litten.
John Poole

c. 1796, Highworth Wiltshire.   

Married Eleanor Wensley. 

NOTE: See Poole family page for John & Eleanor's children.

William Poole

b. 2 April 1798,  Highworth Wiltshire. 
Married Mary Stevens.

Known children:
     Anne Poole (c.1835 Highworth Wiltshire. Married an Edward Hill) 
  William Poole (c.1840 Highworth Wiltshire. Married Ann surname unknown, 
                        & child Annie Maria, born 1863, Highworth)
  Charles Poole (c.1843 Highworth Wiltshire. d.21 april 1877)
Mary Jane Poole (c.1837 Highworth Wiltshire. Married Henry Marsh b.1847 Gloucester)
   Rachel Poole (c.1838 Highworth Wiltshire. Married Samuel Stanley Gibbs)

Edward Poole

c.1800, Highworth Wiltshire.

Married Mary (surname unknown).

Known children - Sarah H Poole (c.1821 Highworth Wiltshire)

All of the above information was obtained from Ronald Poole
a descendant of the above John Poole, who kindly shared his
research with me.   

Ronald's father and my grandfather Sidney Thorne were first
cousins. Ron first made contact with me through GenesReunited.

1841 Census

Sheep Street - Highworth - Wiltshire

    John Poole - aged 70 - Butcher
    Mary Poole - aged 72  
Clarence Poole - aged 15

HO 107 / 1178 / 12 

NOTE: On the 1841 census ages were rounded down to the nearest five, 
      if person is over 15 years of age.