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John Hawkins

Birth - BMD Index

Births Dec 1867 - Hawkins  John Parker   Strand  1b  533

Marriage - Certificate

   Date: 1892, April 16th - St.Johns Waterloo Rd.
   Name: John Hawkins, aged 24, Type founder.
 Father: Henry Thomas Hawkins, Boot maker.
Address: 1 pear tree street.

   Name: Amelia Allen, aged 24, Machinist.
 Father: Thomas Allen, Carman.
Address: 27 Bond Street.
Witness: Mary Ann Hill

Marriage - BMD Index

Marriages June 1892 - Hawkins  John   Lambeth  1d  721 
                      Allen  Amelia   Lambeth  1d  721
Death details

BMD Index...

Deaths Jun 1922 - Hawkins  John P  54yrs  Southwark  1d  37

Death certificate...

26th June 1922 (at) Guys Hospital, John Parker Hawkins, 54 years, of 141 
J Block Queens Buildings Scovell Road Southwark. Type caster

Asthenia due to fracture of skull caused by fall down unlighted stairs leading to 
deceased tenement at 141 J Block Queens buildings Southwark. Accidental P.M.

Certificate received from T J Waldo. Coroner in Southwark Inquest held 28th June 1922

Electoral Roll 1918

141I Queens Buildings - John Hawkins     R   O
141I Queens Buildings - Amelia Hawkins   HO  HO 

NOTE:  R. = Residence Qualification
     B.P. = Business premises qualification
       O. = Occupation Qualification
     H.O. = Qualification through husband's occupation
     N.M. = Naval or Military Voter
       D. = Qualification through wife's occupation
       Rw = Residence qualification
       Bw = Business premises qualification
       Ow = Occupation Qualification
       Dw = Qualification through husband's occupation