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Poole Family

1871 census  
Address: 11 Union Place, Christchurch, Southwark.

 Rel  Name              Age  Born                    Occupation
Head  Edward     Poole  26   St Georges Southwark    Brass Moulder.
Wife  Harriet C. Poole  24   London Middlesex 
 Dau  Catherine  Poole  1    Clerkenwell Middlesex 
 son  Edward W.  Poole  5m   Depford Kent  

RG10/594  ED7  Folio14  Page23   Entry188

(Obtained by member)
NOTE: The 1871 Census was taken on the 2nd of April. 

Same house (Another Household)  1871 census

 Rel  Name              Age  Born                Occupation
Head  Edward    Poole   46   Wiltshire           Carman
Wife  Elizabeth Poole   47   Vauxhall Surrey
 Son  Charles   Poole   17   London Middlesex
 Dau  Eleana    Poole   10   London Middlesex
 Son  Clarence  Poole    8   London Middlesex

RG10/594  ED7  Folio14  Page23   Entry187

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